In Honor of Those Who Dared to Stand Alone

To my eye this is an elegant fighting knife, the double intricate convex grind design was influenced by historic knife makers I admire greatly; Michael Price’s father, Joseph English from the 1800’s, Rudy Ruana and Bill Scagel, these are not the only makers of this kind of knife, but they are the ones who taught me through their knives. All grinds flow gradually to the midline there are no secondary bevels from the edge, her geometry flows gracefully from tip to ricasso, edge to her midline. The flow from the ricasso raises the mid line to provide adequate strength; the point is strong, yet very sharp. This is not a simple convex grind, but a very complex study of elegance and purpose. This is the most difficult blade geometry I have ever achieved, a supreme challenge forging, heat treating and finishing. The result is a highly efficient sticking knife, not one that I would choose to take camping or into the back country, but a specialist, a very well designed and devoted specialist that would be highly appreciated by warriors of times past. The steel, 52100 pushed to the ultimate limits of high endurance performance, using methods developed by a team to achieve the qualities of Wootz and much more.

The day when most men need a knife like this one is long past, while she is totally developed with performance in mind, her time is past. Her essence however means a lot more to me for she is my tribute to heroes and heroines, the kind I admire. Those who honor ethics over peer pressure, honesty above all and seek perfection in their quest. They can be found in all times and places. Heroes dwell in all walks of life, in all cultures for all time past and present. Heroes know no age limit, young or old, male or female they live in legend, history, today and tomorrow. The kid who takes on the school bully, the mother who fights for her child, the teacher who dares to teach truth that challenges what is politically correct at the time, and the artist who stands for his freedom of expression against tradition.

I dedicate this knife to the men, women and children who governed by integrity based on rational principles that have fought for justice throughout all time. Integrity that does not consist of loyalty to one’s subjective whims, but loyalty to rational principles they know as valid and honest, those who stand for their rational judgment over the politically correct atmosphere of the time. They may risk all, life, property, popularity for a much greater cause, freedom!

This is my humble tribute to those special individuals who seek and stand for truth, honor and justice through all ages, walks of life and cultures.

Ed Fowler