We asked Ed Fowler to tell us what 35 years of dedicated effort to the art of high performance knife making, relentless metallurgical testing and user based experimentation was worth to the knife industry... He said $19.95.


You have an opportunity to learn from ABS Mastersmith knife maker Ed Fowler and his esteemed colleague Rex Walters (whose technical expertise is shadowed by none) as they present their thoughts on one of the greatest of steels, 52100.


Should anybody ask, “What would it really cost to follow in their footpaths?”  To start you’ll need to destroy 200 finished knife blades at about $1000 each and schedule somewhere around $95,000 worth of state of the art - high tech lab time…just to start,


Go ahead…buy the DVD! You might be the one who unlocks the next key to a better knife blade.


This special will receive:

---   DVD of Knife Talk, Volume 1 - 52100 Wootz 

---  VHS of Design, Construction and Function of the Using Knife  - VHS


 DVD Back Cover: